Who is Portescap?

Portescap has a long, rich history in the development and delivery of powerful miniature motor solutions for customers around the globe! Our origins lay in the world of Swiss watch and clock making, where we stayed for three decades. We then shifted towards the world of miniature motors, and with over seventy years of expertise in the motion control industry, we stand ready to assist with customizing and solving any miniature motion need across a wide spectrum of medical and industrial markets. No matter the technology, no matter the application or device – we can develop your motor solution.

Why Choose Portescap?

Portescap is a company by engineers, for engineers. We have a deep understanding of critical industries and markets, which directly translates into our customer-centric products and processes. Here are a few key reasons to select Portescap as your motion supplier:

Long History. Founded in 1931 as a manufacturer for the Swiss watchmaking industry, Portescap has since expanded into new areas of expertise and has maintained our tradition of engineering excellence.
Stability. We’re an operating company underneath Regal Rexnord operating company, a global leader in power transmission and motion control solutions.
Global Footprint. We have facilities and colleagues all over the world, with dedicated research and development centers in the United States, China, India, and Switzerland. We also have large-scale manufacturing facilities in the United States and India.
Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Collaboration. The highly technical nature of miniature motion design and the uniqueness of applications necessitates the need for collaboration between Portescap engineers and engineers from the customer. We fully believe this leads to the creation of an end-product that meets – and exceeds – the needs of our customers.
Customization Options. Did you know that 80% of Portescap’s projects are custom-engineered? Our customers require unique miniature motors, and our focus is on providing the ideal tailored solution.

Shopping the Portescap eStore

Launched in mid-2021, the Portescap eStore streamlines the process of evaluating and buying miniature motor samples for prototyping online. You can browse our off-the-shelf motor products (including gearheads and encoders) suiting any desired configuration or environment, or if you’re looking for motor customization, our engineers are available to discuss how we can assist you in developing a more tailored solution. Either way, standard or customized, our eStore is an excellent place to start your mini motor sample search. Keep in mind that our E2E and service packages are always available, no matter what you purchase!

Not convinced? Check out the following questions:

Are you testing a proof of concept?
Are you in the middle of the prototyping process?
Are you needing to quickly evaluate different motor technologies?
Are you searching for a motor supplier that considers the overall improvements for your product or application, including reduced footprint and increased efficiency?
Are you looking to work with a full-service engineering company?
Are you seeking a standard motor that can eventually turn into a customized solution?
Are you requiring a replacement motor or spare parts?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Portescap eStore is for you.